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Diagnose cardiac and cancerous diseases earlier than symptoms

Preventative Measures

It allows timely intervention to halt the deterioration and encourages one to take proactive measures in order to improve health

Less Aggressive Treatments

Early Detection enables flexible treatment options that may reduce your physical, emotional and financial burden.

Reduced Complications

It lessens surgical risks and minimizes the complexities associated with advanced diseases.

Higher Success Rates

Faster treatment and recovery are possible that prevents further damage to health.

Early detection program for cardiac and cancer

Get a 66% discount, only with Life Scan Now!

Full body scan for cancer

2 Appointment with PCP before and after the scans.

4 Scans

  • Coronary Calcium Score
  • CT Chest Scan
  • Abdomen Scan
  • Pelvis Scan

Results in 24 – 48 hours.

Upto 98% Accuracy.

Whole body scan for cancer

Appointment scheduled separately. ($120 x 2 = $240)

4 Scans

  • Coronary Calcium Score = $195
  • CT Chest Scan = $725
  • Abdomen Scan = $265
  • Pelvis Scan = $750

Results in 2 – 5 days.

Approximately 95% Accuracy Rate..

Consult A Physician Easily.



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What sets us Apart

Eminence by Life Scan Now

Life Scan Now highlights itself with prompt results with lower prices. We ensure accuracy through our updated technology which completes the majority of the procedures in less than an hour of time.


Our facility utilizes modern medical machinery to analyze your scan results and generate highly accurate readings.

Quick Results

We use the latest technology in healthcare to produce prompt results within 24 - 48 hours.


We guarantee promptness, quality and excellent care for your budget with a 66% cost difference in comparison to traditional hospitals.

Time Efficient

These procedures are conducted in less than 20 minutes. It saves precious time from your schedule and allows you to avail your rightful access to healthcare.

Disease control and prevention

Life Scan Now provides advanced medical services for cardiac and cancerous conditions with same-day, walk-in appointments that may be scheduled via call as well.

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